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Property Playa Marazul available for development!

We are partners with a second comapny in a rather large piece of property (500'000 square meters) oceanfront parcel with approximately 700 meters of beachfront, which is presently the largest commercially available property undeveloped. It is an ideal investment for a hotel company or an urban development firm. The following image shows the outline the property, located just to the east of Perla Marina touching the main road Sosua to Cabarete on it's southern edge.

Playa Marazul

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Sol de Plata: 3 Lots 4 sale!


sol de plata lot lines

Two of the 3 lots at Sol de Plata are beachfront lots.

Lot # 1: 2618.36m The eastern lot...

Lot # 2: It is the largest lot with a size of 8125.23m

Lot # 3: It is the lot in the back with 1558.17m




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sol de plata, 3 lots
The 2 front lots are ideal to consider for a private villa or to use to develop beachfront apartments. The back lot, #3 can be used as a building site for an individual home or in conjunction with lot #1 or #2 to provide additional space for a large villa or an apartment complex.


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