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Things to know about the DR (Dominican Republic)!

The Island of Hispaniola is divided into two parts . The eastern, larger portion constitutes the Dominican Republic that covers 2/3 of the island with a total from 48,679km2 . The western adjacent country is Haiti. The Dominican Republic has around 9,000,000 inhabitants and receives yearly around 3,000,000 tourists from all over the world.

The Dominican Republic has a stable democracy and presidential elections are held every 4 years .

The official currency is the Dominican Peso. But US dollars and Euro are accepted in many places. It is easly to change money locally. Dominican banks offer accounts in Pesos , USD and Euros.

We are based near the towns of Sosua and Cabarete.

About Sosua:

Located 10 minutes from the International airport of Puerto Plata.

Sosua was founded by Jewish immigrants around the 1940's . Still many businesses such as supermakets , Dairy farms and industries are owned by the Jewish families.

Sosua is divided into 3 parts . Coming from the airport you hit "Sosua Bajo" first, followed by the old part called "Los Charamicos". In bot of these parts the population is mainly Dominican. The newer part where most of the hotels , restaurants and residential areas are located is called "El Batey". "Los Charamicos" and "El Batey" are connected through the main beach inside of a horseshoe shaped bay.

Due to its very mixed crowd of foreigners (German, Swiss, Italian, American, Canadian, French, Spanish and Russian) living in the area , you will find an interesting European/ American influenced subculture, complete with its bakeries, butchers, restaurants, bars, pubs, travel agencies etc... .

Sosua sports some big supermarkets that offer many foreign products.

Sosua town

About Cabarete, there are some differences:

Located 20 minutes or 15 miles from Puerto Plata airport .

Cabarete is a small and unique town with lots of International travellers and tourists , it's claim to fame; it's one of the 10 best places in the world to windsurf and kitesurf, it also offers great conditions for surfing.

Cabarete was discovered more than 20 years ago by Canadian windsurfers who found out that this unique beach and its bay offered perfect conditions! The word got around fast and Cabarete became one of the favorite vacation spots in the Dominican Republic.

On the beach of Cabarete you will find back many bars / restaurants and watersport sport centers. In a geographical sense Cabarete's beach is quite different from Sosua's main beach, its stretches for a longer distance in a more open arc, there are no steep cliffs at each end... At night time some of the restaurants turn into discoteques for those who like to dance to the Caribbean Rythm. Most of Cabarete's nightlife revolves around the beach and it's bars and restaurants. In Sosua the nightlife is based around the street of "Pedro Clisante".


From Sosua to Cabarete:

Here you will find most residential areas with villas and condos .

Sosua and Cabarete belong to the province of Puerto Plata. The center of Puerto Plata is around 20 miles west of Sosua, west of the airport POP; (Gregorio Luperón, Puerto Plata International Airport). Here you will find commercial centers , big supermarkets, movie theaters and many typical Dominican bars, restaurant and discos .

Puerto Plata has a beautifull Oceandrive, called " Malecon" . Some nice restaurants with oceanview are worth a visit and for those who like to walk, the oceandrive is around 3 miles long! Behind the town towers "Pico Isabel de Torres" a mountain 2600 feet or nearly 800 meters high, dominating the landscape.


There are several good clinics in the Sosua and Cabarete are, the larger medical centers are located in Puerto Plata. Medical Insurance is available at a much lower cost then in the US or Europe.

Available Sports :

Tennis , golf , mountain biking, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, horse back riding, diving, motorcycle tours, canyoning etc. .


Taxis are available at most places in town at reasonable prices . Also public transport, "Guaguas" and "Publicos" (not that comfortable , but worth a try at least once for the experience) are very cheap .

Different rental car companies have offices at Puerto Plata airport and in the towns of Sosua and Cabarete.

Purchasing a car:

There are many used and new car dealers in the DR . Prices of cars, however, can be up to 50% higher then in the US and Europe. For more information check out this local car site: Super Carros!


Other great resources for information on the DR or Cabarete are:



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