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Currently, the category of "property" is broader than disclosed with the legal position of approach, rather than economic. Thus, the division of things on movable and immovable goes back to its roots and Roman law. The basis of this division lay the natural properties of things.

The first mention of the property in Russia belong to the early 18th century. The term "immovable property" legislation was introduced by decree of Peter 1 in 1714 for the solution of issues related to the regulation of edisonoside. The code of laws of the Russian Empire, Petrograd 1914 the decree testified to the fact that the state began to exercise their rights, especially in regard to the definition of the forms of disposition of property.

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The country's transition to a market economy has created the real estate market.

Under the real estate market is commonly understood as a certain system of economic relations, in which the transfer of ownership rights from the seller to the purchaser directly or through the mediation (realtor, developer, etc.).

The fact of the appearance of the real estate market and realtor services in Russia proves the necessity and timeliness of its occurrence in the period of transition to a market economy. The first steps of the real estate market and real estate services made in the period from 1987 to 1991.

Recently in Russia a lot of companies, the name of the real estate. In the Russian language this expression did not exist before it came to us from the English language. The word "realtor" is derived from the English word "realy", which translates as "immovable property".
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Taking into account yas acres domestic experience of development of real estate services, we can assume that the real estate market is a set of transactions with real estate, information support operations, management and financing of works in the field of real estate. Accordingly, the real estate market, and, consequently, real estate services is a subsystem of the overall market, connected with turnover of the rights to objects of real estate.

The real estate market, as well as the main element of this market - real estate services, is an abstraction of the actual flow of real estate deals with the interests and rights in real estate, as well as the flow of information regarding transactions. It is understood that on the property market:

-Buyers and sellers behave in a rational way, but do not possess absolute knowledge. This means that all market participants gather information about the conditions of the deal
before taking the decision;

-Buyers and sellers act independently from each other, i.e. they operate without collusion or fraud. Otherwise, some transaction شقق للبيع في ابوظبي prices may be highly distorted.