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What is the best way to buy an apartment in a metropolis for rent?

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that buying a home for rent is best on the secondary property market. A new building will require a lot of time to complete construction (and this is a lost current profit), and even more money "injections", which are unlikely to pay off quickly. The secondary market is quite "rich" for various apartment options. At the same time, having chosen the best option, you can start receiving rental income in a short time.What is the best way to buy an apartment in a metropolis for rent?

The most interesting option for a metropolis is to buy relatively inexpensive or cheap one- or two-bedroom apartments, located near the subway, railway station and / or bus station, preferably near the central market or in central parts of the city with good infrastructure.

By infrastructure here should be understood: the presence and proximity of schools, kindergartens, transport infrastructure (the proximity of public transport, shuttle buses, buses, trolley buses, trams) and commercial and commercial infrastructure (the availability of shopping malls, markets, supermarkets, stadiums, swimming pools, sports clubs, other health facilities).

Relatively good ecology, proximity of water bodies, availability of parks, parking spaces and parking lots will only increase the attractiveness of shopping. All of the above will certainly have a direct impact on the rental price.

Buying an apartment in a favorable location with good infrastructure, you can do not very expensive cosmetic repairs (whitewash ceilings, wallpaper walls, lay linoleum and / or laminate), to buy inexpensive but quite durable furniture (sofa, closet, table, chairs) and household appliances (washing machine, refrigerator and TV), cable TV and Internet. And - everything, the apartment will be ready to be rented out.

If we consider the purchase of an apartment is not in the economy segment, but in the segment of business class, then here the owner should try and "lay out" a more "round" amount for housing. First, the purchase of an apartment in an old typical house and even with a dirty entrance is unlikely to suit the buyer of the appropriate level.

What is the best way to buy an apartment in a metropolis for rent?Tenant will have higher demands on the level of furniture and household appliances. He will certainly pay attention to the quality of the walls in the rooms, kitchen furniture, quality and condition of the kitchen oven, electric oven, kitchen hood, air conditioning, dishwasher. It is not allowed in this case to install very cheap sanitary ware (boiler, toilet, shower, poor quality faucets in the kitchen and bathroom).

It is possible that the tenant will want to have an additional video intercom, alarm system, in some cases - a quality dubai penthouses filter for water treatment. Access to high-speed Internet, wardrobes, enough beds (chairs), modern plastic windows and insulated balcony (loggia) - these are elementary and mandatory options for housing business class.

Apartments of "elite", "premium" - segment should be located in the most prestigious areas or in the city center. Preference will be given to apartments with 24-hour security and an underground garage. Requirements of picky customers to the infrastructure, location emaar beachfront and condition of such apartments, quality of repairs will be very high if the investor plans to get a high madinat jumeirah living level of profit from the rent of this category of housing.