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Top 5 of the most expensive real estate in the world mamsha al saadiyat

1. Switzerland

Housing in Switzerland is recognized as one of the most profitable and sustainable real estate market.
Switzerland mamsha al saadiyat

In suburban areas most popular private homes, and in the center (streets: Rue de Grange, Rue du rhône) is a great demand for modern apartments. Square meter here is about 30 to 31 thousand €.

The resort regions of Gstaad and St Moritz. Scenic views and the opportunity for employment by active kinds of sports شقق للبيع في ابوظبي do very much in demand housing is here. The price per square meter reaches about 35-40 thousand €.

2. United Arab Emirates

Property in Abu Dhabi and Dubai also considered a good investment. Apartments in high-rise in Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeira island and the skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" can be purchased at the price for 27-29 thousand €.

3. Australia

Prices for luxury housing in Sydney depends on many factors, including distance from the beach, town centre and sea front buildings. Homes on the most prestigious street of the city Wolseley Road can be purchased at 22-24 thousand $ for 1 sq. m.

The property will be sold, as a rule, equipped with all necessary appliances and repair, that has a direct effect on the final cost.

4. Italy

Rome is slightly inferior to Paris and London in the cost of housing, but for many years remains one of the most expensive capitals in the world. The most expensive real estate in Rome is, for the most part, old mansions,Italy شقق للبيع في ابوظبي restored in accordance with the latest requirements and trends of architecture and design. The price per square meter in such houses will reach 10-15 million €.

The area of the Grand canal in Venice attracts buyers that the house sold today, belonged to the rich merchants and nobles and have an interesting history. Their mamsha al saadiyat cost starts from 14 thousand € per square meter.

5. Spain

Loads of fun, beautiful scenery and a great flow of tourists attracted to Barcelona people willing to pay tens of thousands of euros for the housing premium. The average price for an apartment in the capital of Spain reaches 10 thousand euros per 1 square meter.

This rating is undergoing constant change on the distribution of seats among countries and reflects current information at the present time. Besides, there are many rankings of the most expensive real estate from leading agencies of real estate which form it on the basis of a combination of many factors.The text size exceeds the maximum