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Top 10 best countries to invest in real estate yas acres

1st place – Philippines

Rental yield: 6.13 per cent

Tax rate of 4.06%

Rental cost: $2,422

With a low cost of living in the Philippines and an impressive yield of 6.13%, the country is a very attractive option, even for investors with no experience. Here is a very friendly tax system and a good amount of rent. The potential of enhanced economic investment and tourist attractiveness of the region.

Philippines yas acres

2nd place – United Arab Emirates

Rental yield: 5.19 percent

Tax rate: 5%

Cost of rent: $3,070

In UAE are quite a lot of opportunities for any business associated with real estate. This is not only a low tax yas acres rate and high rents, but a good number of yield. And, of course, in the Emirates, a very good purchasing power.

3rd place – Costa Rica

Rental yield: of 7.48%

Tax rate of 5.16%

Rent price: $1,450

Despite Costa Rica's relatively low rental prices, it has a fairly high rate of return. The tax rate is also very low and is one of the best among the rest of the countries attractive for investment in real estate.

4th place – Panama

Rental yield: 5.75 percent

Tax rate of 2.08%

Cost of rent: $2,075

Panama combine a good the cost of rent, a decent percentage of return as well as very best rate of income tax. Therefore, it is among the best options for investment in real estate. Here well protect the property rights of foreigners and acts incentive program for them.

Panama شقق للبيع في ابوظبي

5th place – Indonesia

Rental yield: 8,61%

Tax rate: 20%

Rental price: $2,486

In Indonesia, one of the highest rental yields, but at the same time, and high income tax. However, rents are relatively high and this country is in the TOP 5 best options for real estate investment.

6th place – Barbados

Rental yield: 5.48 percent

Tax rate of 7.5%

Cost of rent: $2,501

Barbados falls in the top six of this list with the best rent, and also offers investors a nice tax conditions. This compensates for a modest rate of return, and gives the region good potential. Importantly, do not forget to permit for the purchase of investment real estate from the Central Bank of the country.

7th place – Thailand

Rental yield: 5,13%

Tax rate of 2.73%

Cost of rent: $2,029

Despite the average rate of return (5,13%) Thailand remains one of the best countries if you are looking for investment opportunities in real estate. Of 5.13% is the average. In the "fish" places like downtown Bangkok it will reach 8%. Add to this a very low tax rate and good price of the rent, and get a good option with a developed tourist infrastructure.
Thailand yas acres

8th place – Ireland

Rental yield: 6,64%

Tax rate of 10.05%

Rental price: $2,077

High rents and good yields make Ireland a good choice for real estate investment, even if you don't have much experience in this field. Still here are quite loyal tax system. But do not forget about caution in view of the increase in property prices.

9th place – France

Rental yield: 2.79 percent

Tax rate: 10%

Rental price: $4,379

In France the highest rent among the countries that are mentioned in this ranking. Due to this, it is in ninth place, despite the miserable of 2.79% yield. Moreover, the effective tax rate is lower than in European شقق للبيع في ابوظبي countries such as Ireland and Spain.

10th place – Cyprus

Rental yield: 5,12%

Tax rate: 0%

The rental: $966

Top ten countries with the most favorable conditions opens Cyprus. Remember that we wrote about taxes in Germany? Forget. Here they do not, until you earn your first $23,399. Because of this, even low rents are not making the country less attractive – because of 5.12% return and stay with you.